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alice in wonderland, architecture, argyle, baking cookies, blueprints, bluesmen, boots, brendan benson, bridges, british invasion, camaros, chemistry, chinese food, cincinnati, circles, collages, criminal minds, design, drums, england, fashion, fonts, gossip girl, handwritten letters, hank iii, hank williams, house, integrals, jack white, jim and pam, jim halpert, jimmy page, leather jackets, led zeppelin, lomography, long chats, louisville, math, memphis, mies van der rohe, minimalism, mod, muscle cars, music, nashville, old movies, photography, photoshop, plaid, polaroids, rainy days, record stores, rock and roll, soledad brothers, southern cuisine, spencer reid, sunshiny days, the chrysler building, the color green, the greenhornes, the kills, the office, the raconteurs, the south, the van pelts, the white stripes, the who, thievery, ticonderoga pencils
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